Frequently Asked Questions.

  • How often should I have my house washed?

    It is recommended that you wash your home once a year, at the very least every other year to maintain the integrity of your siding. The reason for this is mold requires moisture to survive. So the mold pulls the moisture out of whatever it is on. Painted surfaces- Mold pulls the moisture out of the paint and the paint becomes brittle and will start to flake. Vinyl- Mold pulls the moisture out of the plastic and the plastic will become brittle and will be more susceptible to being cracked easier.

  • Are power/pressure/soft washing services safe for plants, animals, and the environment?

    Pressure Washing- Yes because no chemical is being used. Not efficient any more as if could compromise the dexterity of your siding and window seals. Power Washing- This is the same as pressure washing except with the use of hot water (Only used for commercial jobs). Soft Washing- (What we use to perform on residential and commercial properties) As long as the technician knows what he/she is doing and he/she is using the appropriate chemical yes absolutely! By using a pre and post soaking method, everything is protected before application, and neutralized afterwards as long as the chemical is water soluble.

  • Do I need to be home for my services?

    It depends on the company. My company, no you do not need to be home, all we ask is to remove everything off of the front porch and whatever we are cleaning, if there is a grill on wheels we can work around that. Or, if something is to heavy we can help with that. Lastly, Please make sure if you do have a fence, just to make sure both gates are unlocked so we can have access all the way around your home. When you get home you can inspect the work done and call for any questions that can be answered over the phone. And we can accept Credit Cards then or through the invoice sent to your email.

  • What happens if it rains on my day of service?

    Depending on the downpour, yes we can. If it is a light drizzle or haze, yes. If it rains any harder then, no, we will have to reschedule.

  • Will your wash remove the "green stuff" from my siding?

    Yes! The green stuff your referring to is mold, unless it is green paint then no. In fact, it will not just remove the mold it will actually kill the mold for a longer lasting clean.

  • What is a roof treatment?

    Every company is different. Our roof treatment, or spray and stay, involves an even and complete coating on your roof for best and fast results. What separates us from other companies is a lot of them use pressure to clean the roof, we do not. I have found that if you use pressure, then you could compromise the warranty of the roof due to any removal of grit that is on the shingles.

  • What is a concrete wash & seal?

    Every company is different, but what separates us from our competition is we provide a 3 step process for a deeper clean. First, we apply a pre-treatment to allow the dirt on your driveway to rise up to the surface. Second we then use a double jet system that makes it easy for our team to rinse away all the dirt and grime without doing damage to your driveway. To finish it off, we apply a post-treatment that when dry leaves your driveway outshining the neighbors. The great thing about our system is that it uses a lot less water than a garden hose and does twice the work.

  • What types of commercial properties do you service?

    We service all commercial properties, no one is too small nor too big.

  • How often should I clean my commercial storefront?

    It recommended once a month to quarterly, but the Manager or owner will know what is appropriate for their commercial store front.